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Denture Repairs

Dentures Repairs

If you are looking to repair dentures in Toronto, look no further than CR Denture Centre & Implant Solutions. We proudly make use of quality materials while offering cost-effective dentures repairs at our office.

We can ensure that your prosthetic is fitted correctly, a comfortable and proper fit will ensure your dentures function perfectly. Though, you may have your dentures relined occasionally, our repairs can last for several years, depending on the condition of your current denture.

Types of Dentures We Repair

  • Relining Dentures: Traditional dentures should fit properly around your gums and bone which is known as alveolar ridge. But, when you’re missing teeth, your jaw may start to recede and the alveolar ridge may change shape, which may cause your restoration to become loose and have effects on your oral function. It might also lead to gum irritation. In order to prevent these issues, you may need to have your denture relined occasionally.
  • Broken Dentures: A denture may break for several reasons. If you neglect your denture repairs, the inappropriate fit may weaken the prosthetic, making it prone to damage. Our specialists can oversee the repair of the damage which includes pieces that have broken off.
  • Worn Synthetic Teeth: If you have an uneven jaw alignment or your denture is not relined, the synthetic teeth may start to wear down. We can change this part of your prosthetic making use of advanced acrylic that will match your smile.
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