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Full Dentures

Full Dentures Services

Dentures offer an easy and affordable way to change any missing teeth in your mouth. They have many years of successful history and continue to earn a place in the list of choices for transforming your smile.

Dentures are removable alternatives for missing teeth. Full dentures offer value when a person is missing all their natural teeth. Denture treatment is personalized to every patient and CR Denture Centre & Implant Solutions can assist you in choosing the best option.

Full Dentures: Conventional and Implant

Sometimes dental conditions such as gum disease or tooth decay may become unmanageable. This may result in the removal of the remaining teeth on one or both jaws. Irrespective of the case, full dentures are efficient and economical way to restore your smile.

We understand that your smile is unique and CR Denture Centre & Implant Solutions professionals in Ontario, Canada have many years of experience to help you choose the teeth that appear natural and pleasant in your smile. This offers you the opportunity to personalize the way you look, whether you just want to restore your smile or you need a new one.

While dentures have a long history of successful use, modern technology provides better options to enhance the way they fit and the way they appear. In some cases, dentures can be secured firmly to your jaw through dental implants, placed in the jaw and connected to the base of the denture.

This connection can be designed to create a permanent fixation of the denture or to assist in its removal. To have a more natural look and greater retention, full dentures tends to last longer. At CR Denture Centre & Implant Solutions, we can assist you in understanding the ways full dentures can improve your look and smile.

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