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Implant Dentures

Implant dentures are conventional replacement of a set of lower or upper teeth. If you are an individual that is currently missing teeth, you have already experienced the differences it makes to your day to day life. Not only can it be difficult to eat, but it might be hard to find yourself interacting and smiling with little confidence. Implant supported denture is also referred to as overdentures. It’s an ideal solution for patients affected by tooth loss.

At CR Denture Centre & Implant Solutions in Toronto, our Denturist offers comprehensive restoration services which help restore your smile.

The Best Treatment Is a Denture with Implants

Implants are small titanium posts which are placed into the bone structure by a surgeon on a short appointment. Most patients agree that implant placements are hassle-free than teeth removal.  This is why we offer the denture implants that’s easy and convenient for all individuals.

In some cases where the remaining teeth are extracted, the implants can be placed into the bone which may only take in a single visit. Implant dentures are favoured option for natural teeth.

The function of implant dentures is to keep the bone stimulated, preventing and reducing bone loss in the surrounding area. This option of implant dentures helps to keep your facial expressions where they are meant to be.

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