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Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures, Toronto

Partial Dentures

Whether you have lost a tooth or many, smiling and chewing can be hard because of the gap that’s left behind. Partial dentures replace the missing teeth of an individual in order to improve chewing and eliminate gaps.

Partial dentures are an economical and reliable solution to change the missing teeth and fill the gap, improving the confidence to smile and enhancing chewing ability. A partial denture will help to ensure that your teeth are not shifting and it will reduce the risk of losing your teeth.

Where there’s missing teeth, natural replacement teeth will be attached to the frame. Also, a gum-colored acrylic will be used to ensure the appliance blend with your mouth. While every individuals mouth and requirements may vary, our experienced Denturists will create a solution that’s esthetic and comfortable to fulfill your needs.

Cast Partial

Cast Partial

A cast partial denture is a popular prosthesis that is solid, reliable, comfortable and allows the flexibility to easily add more teeth when required. A cast partial denture is made using 3d laser technology.


Hybrid Cast

Hybrid Cast

Our hybrid cast metal and valplast partial denture is made out of thermoplastic materials designed so that hooks and wires are not visible.


Acrylic partial

Acrylic Partial

Fabricated out of hard acrylic resin with metal hooks that surround the remaining natural teeth.


Missing Teeth? Get a Replacement

Living with missing teeth can be embarrassing, inconvenient and uncomfortable. Many patients who come to us with missing teeth are not aware of the solution that is available for completing their smile. We know the struggle of missing teeth and for this reason, our team works with each of our clients to offer exceptional missing teeth solutions.

If you have missing teeth, then you’ll be pleased to find out that our partial dentures options can work for you.

Why Choose Us?

With the advancement of technology, implants can be used to support partial dentures, which will improve the fit while reducing the size of the appliance. At CR Denture Centre & Implant Solutions, we look forward to discussing your options to give you back confident and a glowing smile that you deserve.

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