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Rebase & Relines

Denture Rebase & Denture Relines, Toronto

Rebase & Relines

Do you have dentures that won’t stay put and are causing discomfort? Are you always adding denture adhesive to ensure they are in place?

Over time your gums shrink which cause the dentures to be slack and painful. With a quick assessment, our team at CR Denture Centre & Implant Solutions can help to determine whether they just need to be rebased or relined, then we’ll take the appropriate action.


Some dentures cleaning products or not soaking your teeth in water when you’re not wearing them may cause your denture to become brittle or warp. A rebase is performed when the denture has many cracks or when repairs do not fit appropriately, but the teeth are still in good condition. The process involves changing the whole pink acrylic base by making use of the same teeth. The result would be a denture or dentures that fit and look like new.


Relining is needed when the denture stops to fit correctly because of wearing away of the gum tissue and bone. The most common causes of resorption include illness, aging, weight loss and tooth loss, just to name a few.

The process involves our professionals taking a look at the fitting side of your denture, adding and processing new denture base material to secure a better fit. If your denture has a soft liner, more time may be needed to complete the relining.

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